Pridelines Masquerade

Nightly Youth Programs


MyraRainbow Circle

A peer-led LGBTQ support & discussion group. Topics covered often include coming out, relationships, bullying, peer pressure, drugs & alcohol, depression and self-esteem; express your thoughts and feelings without fear in a safe and supportive environment (For youth ages 14 – 18).

 Women On The Rise

A collaborative program with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) to explore contemporary female artists and their contributions to our society (For female identified individuals).

Youth Council

Youth Council is Pridelines’ youth leadership team. Youth Council discusses and plans upcoming events, provides input to program staff and board of directors on behalf of their peers, and develops agendas for Town Hall meetings.

This is a great way to become a leader among your Pridelines friends and within your community.

Art CorpsJunior

A collaborative program with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) exploring contemporary art and the masterminds behind it.

Sex Talk:

A conversations that addresses intimacy, relationships, and safe sex while educating youth about HIV/STI prevention. (For male identified individuals ages 14 – 29)

HIV Outreah Youth Advisory Board

A collaborative program with Care Resource that seeks to identify new ways of reaching, planning special events for, and addressing the needs of young men of color, under the age of 30, who engage in high-risk sexual behavior.


RuthPFLAG / Rainbow Circle

PFLAG/Rainbow Circle is designed to be a support and discussion group for Parents, families and Friends of Lesbian And Gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The day begins with a potluck lunch at 12pm for you, your family and friends. Then, break into let the adults join their discussion and support groups while you split off and have your own Rainbow Circle meeting.

Lavender Salon

Lavender Salon is a fun and relaxed intergenerational LGBTQ affirming event for Pridelines’ youth, volunteers and allies. Good food, good company and social action all wrapped into one night. Potluck at begins at 6:30pm and is followed by a program including music, entertainment, games, volunteer training and/or social action.

Social Friday’s

Fun social activities with friends that include Game Nights, Movie Nights, Sleep-Overs, Art Projects and more!


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