Location:              Miami-Dade and Broward Counties
Language:            English (bilingual is a plus)
Position:               Full-Time

Position Overview:

Pridelines Youth Services’ Program Manager is responsible  for the day to day operation of Pridelines’ Drop-in Center, including:  outreach, program coordination, volunteer recruitment, training and supervision, implementation of nightly programs and Youth Enrichment Activities.

Responsibilities: Primary roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Manage the operations of Pridelines’ Drop-in Center:  ensuring cleanliness and good working order of the drop-in center, CyberCenter and all appliances and equipment; ordering food & supplies; scheduling staff, CyberCenter tutors and nightly program facilitators to cover center activities.
  • Work with the Program Director, Program Committee, community partners and youth to design and implement Pridelines’ programs.  Helps the agency move towards age-appropriate and curriculum-based programming.
  • Maintain the agency’s Program Calendar:  schedules all program activities, schedules staff, facilitators and volunteers to ensure adequate adult supervision and the safety of the youth we serve, and oversees website and social media updates.
  • Coordinate outreach and recruitment activities.  Manage the Outreach & Marketing Coordinator.  Oversee the creation, acquisition, review and approval of outreach and educational materials used by Pridelines.
  • Manage youth intakes and maintain client services database.  Document attendance, conduct program evaluations and maintain adequate program records for reporting.  Exercises oversight to ensure that the agency’s computer network and office equipment are functioning properly.
  • Keep program attendance and collect any forms, receipts and invoices for billing and invoicing purposes; oversee data entry and maintains integrity of data and records.
  • Manage volunteer recruitment and training: facilitate background checks and assign and supervise volunteers.
  • Manage the production and promotion of Youth Enrichment Activities and is responsible for YEA event sign-in and evaluations.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Program Director or Executive Director.

Work Experience Requirements:

  •  Three or more years’ experience with youth programs, social services or related field
  • Experience developing and reviewing youth programs curricula and implementing youth programs
  • One year experience in a supervisory capacity, experience managing with volunteers

Education Requirements:

  • BS/BA in Psychology, Social Work , Education, Recreation or related field, MS preferred
  • Or relevant employment history, credited 1yr formal education for every 2yrs work experience

Please submit cover letter and resume to Luigi@Pridelines.org

Drop-In Center Coordinator

Location:              Miami-Dade and Broward Counties
Language:            English (Bilingual in Spanish and/or Creole is a plus)
Position:               Part-Time (20 hours), Contract Employee

Position Overview:

The Drop-in Center Coordinator is responsible for the safe, secure, and healthy operation of the Drop-In Center and its programs.  When on duty, the Coordinator is the face of Pridelines, interfacing with various stakeholders and creating  a constructive service environment that is conducive to youth and human development.  All team members maybe asked to assist with outreach efforts.

ResponsibilitiesPrimary roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • General Drop-In Center Staffing:
    1. Opens and Closes the Drop-in Center as scheduled and/or instructed by Management
    2. Manages the front desk area, including the door, the phone, and the David Bohnett CyberCenter
    3. Conducts intake of members, as well as sign-in of all visitors – including volunteers/interns
    4. Ensures that the Center atmosphere is welcoming, healthy, safe, and constructive at all times
    5. Informs Center users about Pridelines programs and requirements/guidelines for participation
    6. Uses Center resources (books, board games, educational videos) to engage youth in the Activity Room
    7. Manages the maintenance of the Drop-in Center in the following way:
      • Keep the Drop-in Center clean, organized, and stocked of necessary items
      • Monitor use of the David Bohnett CyberCenter and ensuring that equipment is not mishandled/misused
      • Arrange meals and snacks when on duty
      • Report Center repair issues in a timely manner
  • HIV Testing:

The Drop-in Center Coordinator, once certified by the FL Dept. of Health,  will provide free confidential HIV testing (as needed) according to the Center’s official protocols and guidelines as a certified testing site.

  • Supervision and Training:

The DIC Coordinator will assist with training, supervision, task management and evaluation of volunteers and interns, and will orient and support group facilitators as appropriate.

  • Outreach:

The DIC Coordinator will help educate South Florida’s LGBTQ youth, their allies, those working with them, and the community at large about Pridelines programs, services, and events.

  • Reporting & Data Management

The DIC Coordinator will make sure that all DIC visitors sign-in and that this information is entered into Pridelines’ Apricot Clients Services Database, and create/complete various reports related to tasks and accomplishments, as well as Center programs and activities on a monthly basis.

  • Team Building:

The DIC Coordinator will actively and regularly participate in Pridelines’ team-building activities, including supervisory meetings, Program meetings, and/or Staff meetings, as scheduled.

Work Experience Requirements:

  • Previously worked with other youth programs
  • Experience coordinating volunteer efforts
  • Experience with event production
  • Experience facilitating groups

Education Requirements:

  • Associates Degree Required
  • Bachelors degree or equivalent vocational certification preferred
Please submit your cover letter and resume to Victor@Pridelines.org