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Volunteering for Pridelines Youth Services is a rewarding and fun way to make a difference in your community. Your experience will undoubtedly be a unique one, just read what some of our volunteers have to say.

 There is a variety of ways that you can get involved as a volunteer:

Program Facilitation

Becoming a program facilitator is a fun way to work with the Pridelines youth while providing them with valuable educational experiences in peer-led environments. As a program facilitator, you will be trained by the Director of Program Development to execute the program curriculum in order properly facilitate groups on your own.

Programs include:

Rainbow Circle Youth Council Peer Health Educators Youth
Becoming Women Between Here & Somewhere Else Youth Enrichment Activity PFLAG / Lavender Salon

Administrative Assistance

Helping us with administrative functions such as organizing our databases, filing, preparing our program space, supervising the computer lab usage, and more is just as important as working with the youth. Pridelines staff is limited and can use assistance on a regular basis. This is a great way to make a difference within the community without too much youth interaction.

Committee Support

Pridelines Youth Services is comprised of several committees which oversee the development and growth of specific branches of the organization. Each committee is chaired by a Board of Director member. If you’re interested in helping Pridelines determine and achieve its goals, joining one of the following committee is a great way to do so.

Grants Comm. Program Comm. Volunteer Comm. Marketing Comm. Fundraising Comm. Corporate Support Comm. Finance Comm. Legal Advisory Committee

About Our Committees

Grants Committee members assist the Director of Programs and Grants Development to research, identify, write, review and submit local and federal grants. The grants committee meets on a bi-weekly basis via conference calls and uses a web based filing system to allow Committee Members the flexibility.

Program Committee members assist the Director of Programs and Grants Development to conduct research, evaluate programs, and develop program curricula. Committee Members also identify geographic areas that require LGBTQ youth services, develop outreach programs, and locate potential group facilitation space in those neighborhoods.

Volunteer Committee members assist the Executive Director with the recruitment, training and management of all Pridelines volunteers in order to ensure that all groups have facilitators, all board committees have adequate support, all volunteers are constantly engaged and feel appreciated. Pridelines can only continue to provide support for LGBTQ youth throughout South Florida through the hard work and dedication of its volunteers.

Marketing Committee members work with the Executive Director to ensure that Pridelines Youth Services is always present in the minds of the LGBTQ community and the youth we serve. The committee issues Press Releases, develops content for event materials, and develops the content for the website and all social marketing pages.

Fundraising Committee members work with the Executive Director to develop and implement new means of raising unrestricted funds through events and individual donations. The fundraising committee plans the annual gala, all house parties, and sanctioned events while helping to identify new potential donors.

Corporate Support Committee members work with the Executive Director to identify and develop new relationships between Pridelines Youth Services and potential corporate donors and sponsors. This committee provides unrestricted funding opportunities for the organization which are essential to its success.

Finance Committee members work with the Executive Director to ensure that all budgeting, accounting, and cash flow management is done correctly for the organizations and its fundraising events. Develops and implements new financial management policies and procedures.

Legal Advisory Committee members work with the Executive Director and the individual committee to develop and implement effective policies and procedures for the organization. The Legal Advisory Committee also reviews all contracts before they are signed in order to ensure the safety of the organization, it’s youth, staff and board of directors.

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