Executive Director’s Circle

The Executive Director’s Circle is comprised of individuals who donate a minimum of $1,000 throughout the year to support our mission and vision.

Join the Executive Director Circle today and help make a difference in the lives of our LGBTQ youth today!

Executive Directors Circle Members

Tina Alexander
Alberto Arias and Wood Kinnard
Frank Avila
Scott Bader & Phil Sobzcak
Eduardo Bravo
Herbert Castellano
Edward DeCaso
Grisel Diaz and Laurel Herman
Victor Diaz-Herman and Kristopher Castellano
Scott Dutcher and Ralph Sacco
Edwards and Steinberg Foundation
Family Payet Huet
Paulo Espindula and Roger Pereira
John Farrar and George Rivera
Luigi Ferrer and Art Friedrich
Liebe and Seth Gadinsky
Jorge Garcia
Richard Garcia
Cindy and Michael Goldberg
Greg Griffin and Richard Murry
Don Hayden
Jeffrey Hecht and David Ross
Mel Heifetz
William Higginson
H. Scott Huizenga
Paul Kelly
Eduardo and Lourdes Lopez
Mark McGovern
Richard Milstein and Eric Hankin
Jeffrey A. Miller and John M. Bondeson
Richard and Jackie Murphy
Robert Norris
Edmundo Perez De Cobos
David Phillips
Jeff Ronci and Juan Talavera
John Ruark and Sergio Papa
Josue Santiago and Matt Dzwonkiewicz
Richard Shannon and Mario Arnaez
Todd Smith
Daniel Spring and Jean Marc De Silva
Omar Suarez and Brian Adler
Jim Tyrrell, Jay Richard DiBiaso, and Roger Thomson
Juan Carlos Urquiola
Nicole Waters
Trae Williamson
Facundo Yebne

For more information contact Victor Diaz-Herman at 305.571.9601 ext. 2 or via email at victor@prideilnes.org.