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PozConnect Crystal & Sound Chakra Clearing

PozConnect Crystal & Sound Chakra Clearing

August 25, 2017, 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Crystal and sound chakra clearing therapy  
(This therapy session solely focuses on clearing the energetic centers of the body that drive in and out life force energy also known as the chakras from cluttered or excess energy. Utilizing crystals to ground and provide assistance to the body's energetic or auric field and use sound to create and set an appropriate atmosphere free from tension and any negativity. A quick cleansing is performed before the session using an incense smudging technique and ending the sessions with a blessing and affirmation.
Be ready to be more relaxed and gain a deeper awareness and Attunement to yourself as you listen to the beautiful and peaceful sounds emitting from the crystal bowl, feel its vibration into your body as it is absorbed by the Chakras to recharge.
Beautiful crystals from variety of colors will be placed appropriately on the chakras to be your assisting healers.

By appointment only: Eddie Orozco (305) 571-9601 ext.105 or

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