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Sam is a Chicago based multidisciplinary artist, who explores culture and identity politics. Her artwork focuses on a variety of intersections which encompass a call to celebrate differences and enact change. Vivid and powerful images of women, members of the LGBTQIA community, and those who have historically been underrepresented are celebrated in narratives that share the journeys that have made them who they are. 

Throughout her childhood, her family’s frequent moves to a variety of Chicago neighborhoods sparked her fascination with the nuances of the human experience. It was during these moments where she found herself discovering the cultures of the city and sorting through her own identity as a bi-racial, queer woman. Kirk’s artwork, much like her life has been an on-going narrative about how life’s experiences impact our identity. Her vibrant color palette, intricate line-work and layered backgrounds highlight cultural communities via multi-toned figures recalled from memories of her travels throughout the world. 

Kirk’s public murals often address social issues, as she intentionally uses the public space to spark dialogue around topics of equality and visibility for women, communities of color, and the LGBTQIA community. She is the first woman and American to participate in the Annual CASAMOUJA Street Art Festival in Casablanca, Morocco.  A commission by World Business Chicago and the City of Casablanca, Kirk created the “Sister Cities” mural as a celebration of 35 years of programming between Chicago and Casablanca. 

Her work has been featured in top publications such as O Magazine, Forbes, and recently was listed as one of the top 50 Artists of 2020 in Chicago by New City Magazine. Her collaborations include global brands and US based non-profit organizations such as Houghton Mifflin, Xfinity/Comcast, World Business Chicago, National Domestic Workers Alliance, and WBEZ.


A photographer born in Cuba, and raised in Miami, Florida, ALI holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from the Academy of Art College of San Francisco. Also, he attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He has extensively exhibited his work in various solo and collective shows in local, national, & int’l galleries


Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Nuruddin left the cold and snowy city she was fond of for the hot Florida sun she loves. In Tampa, she received her BFA from University of South Florida. She went on to continue her studies in painting at Florida Atlantic University where she received her MFA. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Nuruddin is a working artist who also serves as Museum Education Coordinator at her alma mater, FAU.

Symbolic imagery and anthropomorphized objects are used to explore the sensitivities of emotionally charged human interactions. Nuruddin recalls and examines minutia from emotional exchanges resolving them into narratives in paint and clay. Initially, paintings are approached in an expressive, materially driven manner. With each paint layer the mark making becomes more specific, generating clarity and revealing the psychological truth of an experience. The ceramic structure functions like the painting, originating expressively with the tearing and squishing of clay. The structure becomes more specific as layers of texture, stain and glaze are added. Finished work illuminates the essence of the intensity of feeling deeply.


Grisel is an emerging Cuban - American artist, potter, photographer and sculptress residing in South Florida and the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts.  ORS cannot recall a time in her life when she has not painted, expressing herself artistically. She has an extensive collection of works, including illustrations, contemporary tapestries, photography, sculptures and pottery. Strong composition, visual texture, bold colors and trusting her intuition are just some of the elements that ORS uses when creating works that elicit emotional responses from viewers. ORS’s mind-melting colorful paintings appear like optical illusions executed with calculated layering, full of pulsing waves of color and line patterns, these paintings usually hide beneath a soft focused halo of different colors which is revealed only if observed carefully. With her captivating artwork, created in acrylic and oil, ORS masterfully stretches the boundaries of visual perception, cleverly playing with optical flicker and sensation of movement. The process involves the gradual buildup of many layers of acrylics and oils adding depth, dimension and texture to create the final piece. For years her work has been sold and privately collected by art enthusiasts, exhibited in Galleries and Cultural Centers.


Born in Bozeman, Montana, Tim Smith is now a resident of South Beach, Florida. Smith finds inspiration in the intricacies of Miami’s architectural designs which spans across historic and contemporary styles. In this collection, Smith explores his subjects through an abstract lens. Playing with sharp imagery and color, Smith has provided a new perspective on the Magic City.