Butch Queen Brunch



by Bryan Santos


“I am so fab! Check out I’m strong, I’m skinny, and I’m a little bit of a butch queen! She walks so bad and it feels so good!” (2013, Gaga) If that doesn’t set the mood for our second Butch Queen Brunch honey then grab your wig, your heels, your lashes, and your earrings, lock the doors lower the blinds, fire up the smoke machine, and let’s have a kiki. (Sisters, 2012) Our very own Jamal Morrison (Marketing and Outreach Coordinator) organized this fabulous event to promote social networking and sexual health awareness for all who attended. The brunch predominantly catered to same-gender-loving men that make up the majority of the gay male population known as “Butch QUEENS”. The event’s theme was Sex in the City with a black, white, and magenta color scheme, and suggested a dress code of “your best threads” to be accessible while creating a visually stunning atmosphere.


Pridelines develops programming and events that are as accessible as possible to the community while enriching the experience by providing readily available services and content to participants. The event was graciously sponsored by the Florida Department of Health Office of Minority Health and Health Equity, and as such, we were able to include a pop-up PrEP station hosted by Care Resource. The goal was to bring awareness to protective methods that typically are less accessible to minority and underserved communities. Safer sex practices are always challenging to talk about, however, Jamal Morrison artistically created the Sex in the City theme specifically to engage the community in talking about sex. Our maximum capacity was 50 participants due to remaining COVID compliant, however, the turnout spoke for itself and it was clearly well-received by the community.


Pridelines was happy to help support LGBTQ organizations and highlight black and brown artists and small business owners like Sex n Candles and Herbs and Tingz. We had the gallery space decorated by Unity Collation and placed a 360 cam in the center to create a fashion experience worthy of attendees’ Instagram feeds. The event space itself was decorated by Pridelines with the red carpet treatment inclusive of another photo wall. Talent was covered by two up-and-coming artists within their respective fields. First, Nik Nak London performed his hit new single "Can’t Take". After that, we had a fashion production by the Eclipse Fashion Society. Words could not express how creative it was. Not to mention, there were raffles all afternoon. The brunch menu consisted of a breakfast buffet with a variety of protiens and mimosas and was sponsored by AHF. The most popular items were chicken and waffles!


Overall the event was a total success and we connected individuals with services they would not otherwise have known they had access to. We were more than happy to work with all of these wonderful collaborators to promote health and wellness within the community. We successfully linked people to PrEP and provided a significant amount of free and discreet HIV and STI testing. We are looking forward to the next BQB!




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