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Jose Castro

Jose Castro

About the artist

Jose Castro was born in Matanzas, Cuba in 1947. He moved to Miami in 1961 where he has lived ever since.  Jose graduated from the University of Miami in 1972 with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. His professional career path took him from architecture to interior design in Miami where he practiced in several prominent design firms and ultimately his own. He is well-traveled, fluent in Spanish and English with basic conversational fluency in French and Italian. Throughout his life he has always been involved in the visual arts.

Eventually, after retiring in 2003, his desire to express himself freely in the arts lead him to continue exploring painting and photography. The foundational concepts learned in architecture and design served him well in making quick inroads into these creative fields. At first he painted in studio settings under the tutelage of accomplished and well-known artists in Miami; now he enjoys the comforts of his own studio making art on a full-time basis.  

Artist statement

I seek peace and harmony in all my endeavors. Avoiding chaos and discord in my environment, consciously and unconsciously, has been a major driving force throughout my life. This innate drive lead me to architecture, space planning, interior design, painting and photography as means to create the beauty, harmony and order that I thrive on. 

I often say that I like to paint what I feel not what I see or what I think. The abstractions in my paintings and photography feed my soul and unleash my imagination. 

When others look at my artwork I wish they can become engaged on an emotional level, so they can simply be inspired and moved to find in their lives the beauty and harmony that my creations help me find in mine.

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