Get to know The Network!

The Network is Pridelines' very own young professionals network that aims to foster philanthropy and build relationships through volunteerism and social events that strengthen and empower South Florida's LGBTQ community. Much more than just a networking opportunity, The Network is geared towards individuals between 25 and 39 who are looking to make an impact in their community. So far The Network has held three events: a networker in Coral Gables at House Kitchen and Bar, a networker in Miami at The New Yorker Hotel and an open house at Pridelines Community Center in Miami. The idea is to incorporate different opportunities for individuals to get involved and build on their philanthropic inklings. 

One of the main concepts of The Network is to build in volunteer opportunities for young professionals to get involved in the community. While philanthropy is often thought of as financial contributions, for The Network, philanthropy can be as simple as volunteering a few hours to help clean up the beach or help us beautify our Pridelines Community Center. This also creates an opportunity for folks that may shy away from traditional networking events to join in and build community with one another. 

As of today, The Network has a strong committee that helps to plan the event as well as helps with logistics the day of. Committee members assist in a variety of ways; from helping to find a venue to helping us with marketing and promotion. If you're interested in joining the committee please reach out to Craig Prather at or via phone at 305.571.9601 ext 102. 

The Network aims to hold events on a bi-monthly basis so stay tuned on our social media pages for the latest info on upcoming events and volunteer opportunities!