The League of Extraordinary Transgender Women

The last six months have been a time of new growth for one of our newer health services programs: The League of Extraordinary Transgender Women. The League was created as a support network for transgender women, especially Black transgender women, and also provides opportunities for leadership training and development. In February, The League held a Justice Advocates training for Black transgender women. The training was designed to teach Black transgender women how to address injustice that they experience in the community, especially within the criminal justice, social services and health arenas and was facilitated by Tori Cooper, a nationally known advocate and trainer who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Tori led a two-day training that covered topics such as advocacy, accountable leadership, and the social determinants of health. The Justice Advocates are now working on projects related to increasing housing opportunities for transgender women, including appropriate shelter accommodations for transgender women who are experiencing homelessness.

In April, The League expanded outside of Miami by establishing For Us By Us (FUBU), a Statewide network of Black transgender women. Women from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Jacksonville attended a one-day convening in Orlando that was facilitated by Tori Cooper and The League Coordinator Kenya Carlyle. The agenda included discussions about what Black transgender women experience in the communities where they live and what they need to be healthy, safe and happy. The 14 women who attended committed to monthly conference calls and working together to support each other in planning local actions, such as educating their local law enforcement about what they need to feel safe in their communities.

Also in April, Kenya was invited to write a blog for the AIDS United website to highlight National Transgender HIV Testing Day. You can find her blog post here

For more information about The League, contact Jasmine McKenzie or Kenya Carlyle at Pridelines- 305-571-9601.