Pridelines participates in the 100-Day Challenge!

Pridelines recently participated in the “100-Day Challenge to end Youth Homelessness in Miami. “The 100-Day Challenge is designed to empower and support front-line teams in pursuit of an ambitious 100-Day Goal. This methodology was pioneered by Rapid Results Institute (RRI) and has been used in communities and governments around the world to tackle complex social issues. The compressed timeframe of 100 days, high visibility, and support from coaches, peers, and federal leaders all work together to inspire teams to achieve rapid progress and sustainable system change." (source:

Pridelines' Director of Youth Programs and Services, Charlita Williamson, was selected as one of two Team Leaders to lead the 100-Day Challenge initiative with 13 other agencies and community providers in Miami-Dade County. The Miami team set two goals during the challenge period. By day 100, every 14-24 year old who entered the coordinated care system would be off the street within 2 days of entry, and 85 youth would exit the streets into safe and stable housing. 

In 100 days, the committee was able to get….

  • 120 youth off the streets within 1 day of entry and placed in a shelter
  • 61% of the youth self-identified as LGBTQ youth
  • 17 youth left the shelter to safe, stable housing (reunited with family, transitional housing, independent living, etc.)
  • 52 youth were connected to training, education, or employment
  • 20 youth needing behavioral health services were connected to care

Some of the key accomplishments of the challenge were…

  • 4 youth (2 from Pridelines) were actively involved in the 100-Day Challenge Team
    • Youth ambassadors engaged with other youth to go into a shelter 
  • Seven youth access points are now successfully part of the Youth Coordinated Entry System
    • Pridelines’ Drop-In Center is one of them
  • Created a system to allow after-hour placements and points of contact at the major shelters
  • New partnership with CareerSource South Florida
    • Created an employment pipeline for youth 

Now that the challenge period is over, the 14 agencies involved will build upon the momentum that was created to continue working toward the goal of ending youth homelessness in Miami-Dade County.

Pridelines was excited to be part of the challenge and we continue to work on various committees with the 14 agencies to address this issue. As part of our Project SAFE program, we ensure LGBTQ youth who are experiencing homelessness are placed in safe and affirming shelters within 48-hours of contact.