REACH Social Marketing Campaign Goes Live!

REACH (Remembering to Empower Ourselves to take Action in our Community and generate Hope for the future) is a SAMHSA-funded program at Pridelines that promotes sexual and mental health for young gay and bi men of color ages 17 to 24. REACH is coordinated by Williamson "Tboy" Bellot, our Peer Navigator, and a core group of young men who work with Tboy to plan activities.

Last Fall, REACH worked to create a citywide social marketing campaign to promote not just the program itself, but to encourage young men of color to get tested for HIV, and to counteract stigma associated with seeking help for mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. The campaign messages were developed by REACH's core group and feature the members themselves in the ad photos. On March 18, the campaign went live at Westland Mall and on bus benches and bus shelters throughout Miami! The campaign will run for about six months before it is replaced with new ads that REACH will start developing soon.

Real Talk with REACH takes place the last Thursday of each month and is a discussion group about men's health that includes food and other activities, such as painting. If you are a young man who fits the description of REACH and wants to get involved, please call or email Tboy at 305-571-9601 or