by Bryan Santos


Thank you, thank you, thank you! We can’t thank our volunteers enough for all the hard work they do to support the community. October 9th we held a volunteer appreciation game day to show our gratitude for their efforts. We wanted to create a space where volunteers could relax and enjoy themselves similarly to what they do for the public. We had karaoke, party games, food and drinks, and prizes for them to win. We also took some time to highlight specific volunteers for their continued contributions to Pridelines through plaques and certificates. 


It’s important that we show our appreciation for all our volunteers because hard work should always be acknowledged even if many of our volunteers do what they do out of the kindness of their hearts with no need for praise. Time is one of the most valuable and nonrenewable resources, and these volunteers choose to spend it on philanthropy. There is a saying by Jim Rohn, “only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” This holds so true to the work we do at Pridelines but more specifically those doing it by volunteering. The feeling you get from knowing you helped another person can’t be matched by anything else in the world.


Some of the highlighted Volunteers who received plaques were Patricia G., Jack G., Ricki W., and Rachel S. They were recognized for their contributions toward the organization and exceptional participation within one of our initiatives. Some of the programs we offer such as the LGBTQ library wouldn’t be possible to manage without the support of these individuals as they supported the cataloging, organization, and facilitation of an electronic lending system. It also included those who were part of the gardening committee. Outside of the plaques, there were 30 additional certificates printed to acknowledge the volunteers that make the work we do possible. 


The event was catered by one of our partners at AHF as they provided cold-cut and vegetarian meals from Subway. We also had a 21+ lounge area with a few drink options for guests. After everyone was issued their awards and finished eating the room was filled with laughter and music. We held a karaoke contest for participants. Two of our volunteers teamed up to sing a duet and won the crowd over. Once again showing the power of working together! Events like these help remind and engage those who support pridelines that their efforts are appreciated and valued. They provide a safe and affirming space for not only our youth volunteers but the adults that help support youth within these spaces.